Combined Physical and Genetic Maps of S. cerevisiae Help

The Combined Physical and Genetic Map for a given Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome contains genetically and/or physically mapped ORFs. Each map is derived from the systematic genomic sequencing data and from data contained within SGD (Cherry JM, Ball C, Weng S, Juvik G, Schmidt R, Adler C, Dunn B, Dwight S, Riles L, Mortimer RK, Botstein D. Nature 387(6632S):67-73 (1997)), as well as data presented in earlier reviews (Mortimer and Schild Microbiol. Rev. 44:519-571 (1980), Microbiol. Rev.49:181-213 (1985), Mortimer et al., Yeast 5:321-404 (1989), Mortimer et al., Yeast 8:817-902 (1992)). In the case where an ORF has been defined, its standard gene name is indicated.

The roman numeral at the top of the Sample Map provides link to the Combined Physical and Genetic Maps for each chromosome. The chromosome numbers in the table of cM/Kbp values provide links to the Genetic Distance vs. Physical Distance Ratio graphs.

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