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The Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) provides comprehensive integrated biological information for the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae along with search and analysis tools to explore these data, enabling the discovery of functional relationships between sequence and gene products in fungi and higher organisms.


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Sen1p Is the Traffic Cop for RNA Polymerase III - August 12, 2022

One way to imagine DNA is as a busy road with a lot of competing traffic. Say, a small village in southern Italy…where someone must mediate conflicts between competing vehicles to avoid disaster. It turns out that the “someone” in yeast cells is Sen1p. Two recent papers from associated groups describe the intriguing detail of […]

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A Redox Switch that Remakes a Guide Protein into an Antioxidant - August 05, 2022

Cells are efficient machines, honed by selection. Recent studies are showing us how cells are more efficient than we realized, with proteins discovered to have multiple functions that can be surprisingly different under changes in environment. A new paper in Molecular Cell describes Get3p as one such protein. Under non-stress conditions, Get3p acts as an […]

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Insight into Evolution of Paralog Doublets - July 29, 2022

Sequencing of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the 1990s revealed blocks of duplicated genes, suggesting an ancient whole-genome duplication. The original duplication has been postulated as a means to restore fertility to an interspecies hybrid of ancestral yeast parents; however, the question remains as to why so many paralog doublets have been retained through eons of evolution. […]

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SGD Newsletter, Summer 2022 - July 28, 2022

About this newsletter:This is the Summer 2022 issue of the SGD newsletter. The goal of this newsletter is to inform our users about new features in SGD and to foster communication within the yeast community. You can view this newsletter as well as previous newsletters on our Community Wiki. Performance updates at SGD Thousands of SGD users run […]

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Cln2p Moonlights in Cohesion - July 22, 2022

In an interesting new development, two different teams using two different sets of genetic interactions came to the same conclusion that Cln2p has a role in sister chromatid cohesion separate from its well-known role as a cyclin. In a recent issue of the journal G3 (Bethesda), Buskirk and Skibbens report how deletion of the G1 […]

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