Data at SGD can be downloaded in multiple ways:

  • From YeastMine, a powerful search and retrieval tool that allows for sophisticated queries and download in customizable user-defined formats.
  • From individual pages. For example, via the 'Download Data' link on the phenotypes or interactions pages.
  • In pre-defined formats available from our Downloads server:

Curated Data - genes, proteins, identifiers, functional annotations, interactions, phenotypes, etc.

Sequence - S. cerevisiae reference genome and strains, liftOver files, Saccharomyces sensu stricto species

Genomics - comparative analysis results

Expression - data files from SGD's expression analysis tool SPELL (Serial Pattern of Expression Levels Locator)

Published Datasets - datasets and supplemental data files curated at SGD, including high-throughput data

Unpublished Data - historical data from retired yeast tools and unpublished analyses

Reference Library - miscellaneous historical reference data