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Macromolecular Complex Pages Now Available

December 14, 2018

Macromolecular complexes, already retrievable from SGD’s YeastMine data warehouse, are now available on new pages on the SGD website. These new Complex pages (example: GAL3-GAL80 complex) provide manually curated information about the complex as well as helpful links and diagrams. Key features of Complex pages include:

  • Manually curated summaries of the complex’s function and biology
  • A list of all known subunits and other complex participants
  • A Complex Diagram that shows the physical interactions between each subunit
  • Gene Ontology (GO) terms annotated to the complex
  • Images of complex structure from the Protein Data Bank (PDB), if available
  • A network diagram that shows how the complex relates to other complexes in terms of function and shared subunits

Complex pages can be accessed by running a search for the complex, or by visiting the gene summary pages of its subunits. For example, to find the GAL3-GAL80 complex page, simply run a search for “GAL3-GAL80” and click on the Complexes category (symbolized by the gold dot). Or, go to the GAL3 or GAL80 gene page and locate the Complex section.

SGD curated these macromolecular complex data in collaboration with curators at EMBL-EBI’s Complex Portal. Be sure to check out the page for your favorite complex, and let us know if you have any feedback or questions.

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