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New Protein Localization Resource: YeastRGB

November 14, 2018


Multiple display units in YeastRGB

YeastRGB is a new resource for exploring protein abundance and localization. Utilizing data from the classical C-terminally tagged GFP yeast library along with new-generation collections derived from SWAp Tag (SWAT) technology, YeastRGB enables simultaneous visualization of dozens of yeast strains imaged with multiple fluorescent tags.

From SGD, you can access YeastRGB through any Protein page (example: Atp12p). The YeastRGB link is located in the Resources section, under Localization. Alternatively, you can visit the YeastRGB website and search for your favorite genes or keywords.

For more information on YeastRGB, see the publication by Dubreuil et al. at Nucleic Acids Research:

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