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Search full-text with Textpresso: new papers added weekly

December 06, 2023

SGD’s instance of Textpresso has recently been updated! Each week, SGD biocurators triage new publications from PubMed to load the newest yeast papers into the database. Once they are in SGD, those papers get indexed and loaded into Textpresso – a tool for full-text mining and searching. This is the new part: Content updates in SGD’s Textpresso are now happening on a weekly basis, meaning you can search full text of the very latest yeast papers!

You already love Textpresso for searching full text and its other bells and whistles:

  • Search results shown in the context of the full text – hits to query terms highlighted in situ
  • Custom corpus creation – you can decide which papers to search
  • Search using Boolean operators
  • Search scope options for document or sentence
  • Search location options can constrain to specific sections of papers

Textpresso can be accessed via the “Full-text Search” link under “Literature” in the purple toolbar that runs across the top of most SGD webpages. Now you can search full text of the very latest yeast papers each week!

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