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SGD Newsletter, Summer 2020

June 08, 2020

About this newsletter:

This is the Summer 2020 issue of the SGD newsletter. The goal of this newsletter is to inform our users about new features in SGD and to foster communication within the yeast community. You can view this newsletter as well as previous newsletters on our community Wiki.


  1. Submit Data Form
  2. The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC 2020)
  3. Explore SGD
  4. SGD Website Trailer
  5. Supplemental Data
  6. 26th Anniversary of the SGD Website
  7. A Note on COVID-19

Submit Data Form

Are you away from the bench right now and have a bit of extra time on your hands? SGD can use your help! Authors can submit data and information about their publications by pointing us to novel results, datasets (we appreciate GEO accession IDs!), or other important information, using SGD’s simple “Submit Data” form ( 

The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC 2020)

Members of the SGD team virtually attended The Allied Genetics Conference in April 2020. Principal investigator Mike Cherry, PhD, gave a virtual workshop on using SGD and highlighted some of the useful tools and resources available to our users. SGD staff interacted with members of the yeast community through the conference Slack channels and also presented posters as part of the virtual poster sessions throughout the week (see below). We would like to thank the GSA for facilitating this successful change to a virtual conference and holding an accessible, well received event for the entire model organism community!

PresenterPoster Title
Suzi Aleksander“The Use of the Gene Ontology to Describe Biological Function at Saccharomyces Genome Database”
Micheal Alexander“Integration of Macromolecular Complex Data into the Saccharomyces Genome Database”
Joanna ArgasinskaSaccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) Through the Years”
Stacia Engel“SGD & the Alliance of Genome Resources”
Rob Nash“Yeast-Human Cross-Species Complementation and Associations with Disease-related Genes”

Explore SGD

We recently added the new ‘Explore SGD’ button to the SGD homepage which allows for the exploration of data and pages without an initial search query. 

If you select the ‘Explore SGD’ button, you will be redirected to our search results page and can browse all of the information SGD has to offer. The tool is designed for both new and veteran users alike. New users are provided a glimpse into the warehouse of information SGD contains, while seasoned users may discover something new. After clicking on the ‘Explore SGD’ button, be sure to use the categories on the left to navigate through the various pages and examine areas of interest. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device, tap on “Categories” at the top of your screen to see the list of categories. 

Additionally, an ‘Explore’ button has been added to the selection of links available in the black bar at the top of every page. This gives users the ability to access the search results page from anywhere on the SGD website. 

SGD Website Trailer

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What are the basic features of SGD? Find out in our SGD Website Trailer

What are the basic features of SGD? Watch our new video to learn some of the key features that are available to help users with their research efforts. While this video does not include all of the many tools and resources that SGD has to offer, we have also generated a list of helpful SGD links which can be found on our help pages.

You can find this video, as well as other video tutorials on SGD resources, on our YouTube channel

Supplemental Data

SGD is now uploading and storing supplemental materials for our yeast papers! We are hosting data from past, present, and future papers on our literature pages. To access these data, simply search SGD with the paper’s PubMed ID and then look for the “Downloadable Files.”

26th Anniversary of the SGD Website

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.01.28 PM
The SGD Team zoomed in to celebrate the anniversary with cupcakes and fuzzy budders

Happy Birthday (Bud-day!) to Us! May 8, 2020 marked the 26th anniversary of the day the SGD website first went live, bringing yeast genome information to all! In May 1994, the “World Wide Web” had only been in existence for about 22 months, but starting way back then, anyone (especially yeast researchers!) could easily access the “SacchDB” database from our old server “” to find information on our favorite model organism, the budding yeast. We’ve grown a lot since then, and have even migrated to the cloud! But as always, we’d like to express our gratitude to all of our users, collaborators, advisors, staff, and anyone else who has supported SGD over the last 26 years. Without such a great community behind us, SGD would not be the fantastic resource it is today.

A Note on COVID-19

We recognize that 2020 has brought many changes and challenges. Our thoughts go out to all those impacted by the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Like many of you, we have found ourselves adjusting to these times, and the SGD team is currently working from home for the foreseeable future. Rest assured, we are still working just as hard to maintain the SGD resource and continuing to serve the amazing budding yeast community!

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