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YeastMine shutting down July 15

July 01, 2024

Due to ongoing cuts to our funding, SGD can no longer continue to provide the YeastMine data warehouse resource. It is with heavy hearts that we discontinue this service.

Back in 2011, SGD implemented InterMine (, an open source data warehouse system with a sophisticated querying interface, to create YeastMine, a multifaceted search and retrieval environment that provided access to diverse data types. YeastMine served as a powerful search interface, a discovery tool, a curation aid, and a complex database presentation format.

YeastMine has served us all quite well. We are working to move the YeastMine data into AllianceMine, hosted by the Alliance of Genome Resources, of which SGD is a founding member.

To get started with AllianceMine, go to the Templates page, and filter by category = ‘YeastMine’.

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 9.38.37 AM

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